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Search for VI runners or Sighted Guides using our zip code finder above or browse using the map below to see runners in your area. You must be a registered member to view a runner’s profile and connect with them.
Your search found 34 runners:
Runner type City Distance Fastest training pace Slowest training pace
Sighted Guide Olathe 7 miles
Sighted Guide Lenexa 8 miles
Sighted Guide Overland Park 9 miles
Sighted Guide Overland Park 9 miles
Sighted Guide Overland Park 11 miles
VI Runner Eudora 11 miles
Sighted Guide merriam 12 miles
Sighted Guide Shawnee 12 miles
Sighted Guide Mission 14 miles
Sighted Guide Kansas City, MO 14 miles
Sighted Guide ROELAND PARK 15 miles
Sighted Guide Kansas City 17 miles
Sighted Guide Kansas City 17 miles
Sighted Guide Kansas City 18 miles
Sighted Guide Lawrence 18 miles
Sighted Guide lawrence 18 miles
VI Runner Santa Vittoria In Matenano 20 miles
Sighted Guide Kansas City 20 miles
VI Runner Molltorp 21 miles
VI Runner Independence 21 miles
VI Runner Cuvio 22 miles
VI Runner Chatenay-Malabry 22 miles
VI Runner St Arnaud 22 miles
Sighted Guide Kansas City 22 miles
Sighted Guide Lansing 24 miles
VI Runner Louisburg 25 miles
VI Runner Lawrence 27 miles
VI Runner Lawrence 27 miles
Sighted Guide Greenwood 32 miles
Sighted Guide Harrisonville 34 miles
Sighted Guide Wamego 80 miles
VI Runner Venaria 87 miles
Sighted Guide Manhattan 90 miles
Sighted Guide Manhattan 100 miles

bluepin30-2 = VI Runner redpin30 = Sighted Guide
Finding the right running partner can be challenging, and incredibly rewarding. Our goal is to make it easier for you.

If you’re a visually impaired runner searching for a guide, begin by signing up, then searching geographically to find sighted guides near you. You can search by moving the map and clicking any pinned location to view a user’s information, or search by Zip code and a list of nearby runners will be returned to you.

Sighted guides are designated by the red pins on the map and listed in the table of search results. By clicking on a user profile you’ll view their full profile including descriptions, experience and average pace. From there, you can connect, send a private message and set up a training run.

If you’d like to be a guide, start by signing up, or visit our Becoming a Guide section┬áto learn more about what it takes to be a guide. Once you’re signed up, make sure you complete your profile so that it’s easy for VI runners to make contact. Thanks for taking your first step to a more satisfying running experience.

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