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The 5 Most Common Running Injuries & What To Do About Them
Here is our latest United in Stride Virtual Workshop: The 5 Most Common Running Injuries & What To Do About Them Whether you are running for fitness or have a goal race in mind, very few running training cycles occur without a single hiccup. Often times as runners, our first inclination is to go to google, self-diagnose and attempt to rehab the injury so we can get back training as quickly as possible. Sometimes, though, with an incorrect self-diagnosis, this can set you back even further. Join the United In Stride and Team With A Vision communities as we hear from Dr. Bryan Kent from Forward Spine & Sport. Dr. Kent brings a wealth of knowledge regarding sports-related injuries and how to address them quickly and effectively.

Fueling for Sucess: Mastering the Fundamentals of Diet and Nutrition

Are you wondering how to improve your diet and nutrition to maximize your training? Maybe you want to revamp your overall lifestyle? For our next installment of the United In Stride Virtual Workshops, learn the fundamentals of diet and nutrition as well as getting your questions answered by an expert sports nutritionist, Stevie Lyn Smith, RD!

Don’t Dread the Treadmill: Getting the Most out of Your Fitness Equipment

United in Stride recently hosted a Zoom call for blind runners looking for tips and trips for accessing treadmills and other fitness equipment. For many blind runners, accessing fitness equipment isn’t always the easiest task. From touchscreens to inaccessible mileage/pace tracking, there continue to be some significant barriers regarding equipment accessibility within the blind community. In this call, you’ll hear from four key advocates and runners with ties to the blind community who have found several ways to manage and adapt to some of these challenges.

United In Stride hosted a virtual town hall meeting “A Conversation with ew USABA CEO Molly Quinn, and Special guest Jaryed Clifford Jaryd is an Australian Paralympic vision-impaired middle distance athlete. He represented Australia at the 2016 Rio Paralympics in athletics. He won gold medals in the Men’s 1500 m and 5000 m T13 events at the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships.

Races with VI Division

5K, 10K, or Half Marathon Distance

Marathons in the United States:

Additional marathons in the USA that attract multiple visually impaired and blind runners year after year without a VI division: Chicago Marathon and NYC Marathon.

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Running events in Canada with a VI Division: